How We Do It

Partner with Public Health Organizations

  • Discuss the needs of your community
  • Review your Community Health Improvement Plan goals and objectives
  • Uncover problems holding you back
  • Find or create affordable and scalable solutions
  • Implement approved projects and solutions
  • Help you achieve your Community Health Improvement Plan goals

Common Problems

  • Uncontrolled risk factors
  • Inability to segment community members by interests and risk factors
  • Programming and interventions are not available anywhere, anytime
  • Don’t know which health improvement programs work
  • Struggle to engage high-risk individuals
  • Lack comprehensive system to drive engagement, instruct individuals what to do, and track outcomes

Turn-Key Solutions

Social Media Content

  • Create social media content to be posted on your social media pages and/or on the social media pages connected to a wellness hub
  • How it works
    • We discuss primary goals of marketing content
    • You select the content topic(s), # of weekly posts, and social media platforms
    • We create posts and content
    • We send proofs for your review
    • We make edits, create custom graphics, and schedule posts
    • We review analytics, optimize your social profile and give monthly reports

Wellness Hub

  • Supports and facilitates a regional health strategy
  • Provides a central point for community engagement
  • Promotes collaboration and engages more stakeholders
  • Collects real-time biometric and community needs data
  • Single voice and source of health and wellness content
  • Accessible at school, at work, at home, and on the go
  • Increases the availability, visibility, and frequency of wellness programming
  • Features
    • Health notification system
    • Health dashboard: biometric tracking, assessments, surveys
    • Emergency preparedness guide
    • Health & wellness education: blog, video gallery, wellness library
    • Comprehensive event calendar and booking system
    • Wellness challenge engine
    • Learning management system
    • Community resource directory

Daily Mental Health Check-In Service

  • Give individuals the opportunity to express how they feel with a Daily Mental Health Check-In by simply selecting a “Smiley Face” that coincides with how they feel
  • Provide key partners with a daily report to ignite conversations and encourages them to ask questions
  • Increase positivity and engagement with a Daily Happiness Challenge video
  • Track participation and results in real-time

Custom Solutions

  • We have access to a team of experts ready to design and implement custom solutions to help you meet your needs and reach your dreams.
  • Sample projects
    • Website redesign
    • App development
    • Strategic planning and program design
    • Event execution
    • Digital signage
    • Wellness kiosks
    • Content creation
    • Virtual programming

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Everyone should have access to the tools and resources to live a healthy, happy life. It’s time to discuss the needs of your community and how we can help you achieve your goals.  

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