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Public Health Case Study: What is Motivate Lake County?


The Lake County General Health District launched Motivate Lake County, on the hChoices platform, to encourage Lake County residents to take back control of their health. The initiative will promote existing health and wellness events/activities in Lake County and include new health fairs, wellness challenges, classes, presentations, support groups, and more.

Motivate Lake County is a countywide initiative designed to inspire, engage, and most importantly educate community members to become a healthier version of themselves. It will provide residents the tools and resources to achieve their unique health and wellness goals.

Motivate Lake County is free for all Lake County community members.



Corporate Wellness

Why Invest in Wellness?

Control health care premiums
Improve productivity
Healthier, happier employees

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Community Wellness

Create Healthier Communities

Remove barriers to health
Reduce chronic disease
Achieve optimal health

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School Wellness

Our Friends at All Choices Matter

Career Planning
Character Building
Tough Stuff

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Join our online wellness program designed to help you achieve Optimal Health. Our program enables you to track your numbers, participate in fun challenges and learn techniques to reach your health goals.


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