Daily Check-In

Daily Mental HEalth Check-In Program

The Problem

  • Ongoing stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty, created by daily challenges, weigh on all of us
  • Individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences continue to experience widespread mental-health distress
  • The pandemic has increased their feelings of isolation, loneliness, stress, and sadness. Years later, countless people are still searching for a solution to this concern

The Solution

  • Give individuals the opportunity to express how they feel with a Daily Check-In by simply selecting a “Smiley Face” that coincides with how they feel
  • Provide a selected trusted support team with a daily report to ignite conversations that encourages leaders to ask questions
  • Increase positivity and engagement with a Daily Happiness Challenge video
  • Track participation and results in real-time

The who

  • The program has been used by students, veterans, individuals with developmental disabilities, a seniors
  • It can positively impact the lives of those who participate, the organizations who support them, and society as a whole

The Why

  • The mental health and well-being of individuals is critical
  • Unresolved anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and sadness leads to abuse, violence, neglect, exploitation, self-harm, and even suicide

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