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Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a technique used to help relieve stress and aid in relaxation. This technique involves imagining pictures, sounds, smells, and other sensations associated with reaching a goal or just simply relaxing the individual. There are two ways you can use guided imagery as a relaxation technique and as a technique to help you reach your goals. But you first need to understand how to practice guided imagery.

  1. Get Comfortable: get into a comfortable and relaxed position, this can be sitting, standing, or laying down.
  2. Deep Breathing: deep breathing is a way to further relax your body, it consists of breathing slowly and letting your belly expand and contract with your breath.
  3. Choose a Scene: once you are in a relaxed state begin to imagine yourself in a relaxing and happy place. Such as lying on the beach or sitting by a campfire.
  4. Immerse Yourself: immerse yourself in this place by involving your senses such as what you smell, what you hear, and what you see. For example, while imagining yourself lying on the beach also imagine the sounds of the waves crashing and the birds chirping. And the smell of the warm crisp air and saltwater.
  5. Relax: let yourself stay in this place for as long as you need, let it carry you away from all your worry and stress.


  • When you’re ready to come out of your guided imagery count back from 10, when you get to 1 you will be alert and ready to continue with your day. When you come out you will feel calmer and refreshed.
  • Setting an alarm is helpful to keep you from losing track of time
  • As you practice you will be able to go deeper and immerse yourself more quickly.
  • Using a recording of sounds that compliment your scene can be very helpful

Goal Reaching Guided Imagery:

You can also use guided imagery to help you achieve your goals, such as a runner imagining the perfect run just before the gunshot sounds. Or when trying to lose weight imagining yourself as the weight you would like to be can help you get more motivated to reach your goal.

Start using guided imagery to relax and relieve some of the stresses of your everyday life!