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Upskilling is a way to renew your work skills or learn a new one. If you would like to improve your knowledge in a certain skill set, or conquer a certificate program, look to your local community college or even online courses to do it. Upskilling may help you advance in your current job or even ...prepare for a career. Think, plan, and do!

Healthy Pregnancy = Healthy Baby

Keeping your body and mind healthy throughout your pregnancy is a daily endeavor. Here are a few ways to keep you and your baby healthy and strong:

● Healthy food choices, like extra protein, vegetables and drinking more water, can assure your ...body is giving you and your baby the best nutrition to thrive.
● Take time for gentle exercise and fun activities. A short outside walk or get together with friends can keep your body strong and your mind happy.
● Extra rest may help if you’re feeling run down. Your body is working hard to support you and the baby, so an occasional nap or just putting your feet up for a while can help.

Regular communication with your doctor will also give you added support as you wait for that special due date!

Preventative Check Ups with your family physician is the best way to Stay Healthy. Discuss any concerns you have or ask about screenings you need.

Taking care of YOU can be a way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Make an appointment today!

The best made plans for home improvement projects can seem overwhelming at times. Do what you can with what you know; and if it’s a bigger project, be sure to get a professional opinion to inform and educate you on taking the next steps. Tackle the project with confidence!

Be the employee you want to work with!

Working together with a positive attitude can create an enjoyable work culture. As we collaborate on projects and tasks, make an effort to communicate and act in a positive way and make your day a pleasant one.

Healthy eating can bring more energy and sharper focus to our day. Add some Spring salads to your meals for color and crunch, and of course extra vitamins and fiber for a healthy body and mind.

Visit your local produce vendor to choose some leafy greens and colorful add-ins for your ...Spring salad.

Reach out for a helping hand instead of using drugs and alcohol to deal with a difficult situation. Sometimes a listening ear can do wonders, just to talk and communicate about a concern can relieve stress and even bring a mutual smile.

Tune your focus to a friend, and talk it out.

April Showers bring budding trees and flowers, but they can have a negative effect on our mood. Gloomy, rainy days can reflect in how we feel. Take extra time to be grateful and focus on positive thoughts.

Remember that the rain is always followed by the sun!

Walking around the neighborhood or in a local park is a sure way to get healthy and get connected. Grab a friend or family member and go!

Exercise can build muscle, improve circulation, and reduce stress. Talking to each other along your path can build relationships and even bring a few ...laughs.

Enjoy those extra hours of sunlight in the morning or evening with a walk.

Springtime in the Garden. It’s almost time to renew our flower and vegetable gardens!

Time spent cleaning up, looking for new growth, or planning for new flowers or vegetables will boost your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Here’s to a healthier you!

The Ups and Downs of Home Ownership.

Our home requires care and upkeep, from basic cleaning to much needed repairs. Sometimes we can tackle the task, but other times it’s too much for your expertise.

Call a professional in your area that can give free quotes and advise on the way to handle your repair or upgrade.

Spring Clean Up! Fresh air and warmer temperatures can inspire us to clean up our homes.

Make it family friendly and have each person fill a box of toys, clothes, blankets, or other useful items to donate to a local shelter.

Giving is always Uplifting!

Make healthy choices for YOU! Drugs and Alcohol can seem like a way to relieve stress or escape problems, but do they really work?

Usually, they do the opposite and create bigger obstacles. Stay drug free and do this instead: stay focused on your goals, boost your health, or connect with a... positive influence friend.

Choose what’s right for YOU!

Family Walks are a sure way to get healthy and get connected.

Exercise can build muscle, lower stress, and improve circulation. Talking to each other along your path can build relationships and even bring a few laughs.

Enjoy those extra hours of sunlight with a short (or long) ...after-dinner stroll!

How well do we work or play with others?

Positive collaboration is the act of working with others toward a goal, and enjoying it along the way. Use “active listening” to understand each other first, then respond. Teach children to do the same, and use words to express fun or ...frustration.

Let our goal be to work together positively!

Working Forward. Building on your work skill set or learning a new one can be a sure way to success.

Preparing for new challenges in the workplace and in the ever growing tech world can always be a step forward. Local community colleges, libraries, or online programs are good resources to ...find a course for you.

All days are not sunshine and rainbows… Are you feeling gloomy?

Disappointments or difficult situations can bring anxiety, depression, or anger. Here are some ways to brighten your corner of the world:

Reach out to a friend and ask for a listening ear. Talking it out can bring ...stress relief and a shoulder to lean on.

Get some exercise. A walk, bike ride, or short workout can burn off negative energy and bring some peaceful moments.

Read and write. Read your favorite book or some positive stories. Write in a journal or form a letter to express your feelings.

Healthy Ways to Self-Advocate.

Speak for yourself only and communicate your needs.

Use positive and calm words and body language.

Use your voice in a respectful and powerful way!

Stay Healthy with an Annual Preventative Check by your family physician.

Discuss any concerns you have or screenings you need. Taking care of YOU can be a way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Make an appointment today!

“Everywhere you go, take a Smile with you.”

Take time to care for yours, and make an annual visit to your dentist. Did you know that oral health is linked to keeping your entire body healthy?

Brush, floss, rinse… and Smile!