Social Wall Test

Spring Clean Up! Fresh air and warmer temperatures can inspire us to clean up our homes.

Make it family friendly and have each person fill a box of toys, clothes, blankets, or other useful items to donate to a local shelter.

Giving is always Uplifting!

Make healthy choices for YOU! Drugs and Alcohol can seem like a way to relieve stress or escape problems, but do they really work?

Usually, they do the opposite and create bigger obstacles. Stay drug free and do this instead: stay focused on your goals, boost your health, or connect with a... positive influence friend.

Choose what’s right for YOU!

Family Walks are a sure way to get healthy and get connected.

Exercise can build muscle, lower stress, and improve circulation. Talking to each other along your path can build relationships and even bring a few laughs.

Enjoy those extra hours of sunlight with a short (or long) ...after-dinner stroll!

How well do we work or play with others?

Positive collaboration is the act of working with others toward a goal, and enjoying it along the way. Use “active listening” to understand each other first, then respond. Teach children to do the same, and use words to express fun or ...frustration.

Let our goal be to work together positively!

Working Forward. Building on your work skill set or learning a new one can be a sure way to success.

Preparing for new challenges in the workplace and in the ever growing tech world can always be a step forward. Local community colleges, libraries, or online programs are good resources to ...find a course for you.

All days are not sunshine and rainbows… Are you feeling gloomy?

Disappointments or difficult situations can bring anxiety, depression, or anger. Here are some ways to brighten your corner of the world:

Reach out to a friend and ask for a listening ear. Talking it out can bring ...stress relief and a shoulder to lean on.

Get some exercise. A walk, bike ride, or short workout can burn off negative energy and bring some peaceful moments.

Read and write. Read your favorite book or some positive stories. Write in a journal or form a letter to express your feelings.

Healthy Ways to Self-Advocate.

Speak for yourself only and communicate your needs.

Use positive and calm words and body language.

Use your voice in a respectful and powerful way!

Stay Healthy with an Annual Preventative Check by your family physician.

Discuss any concerns you have or screenings you need. Taking care of YOU can be a way to enjoy life to the fullest.

Make an appointment today!

“Everywhere you go, take a Smile with you.”

Take time to care for yours, and make an annual visit to your dentist. Did you know that oral health is linked to keeping your entire body healthy?

Brush, floss, rinse… and Smile!

Stressed out? Take a coloring break!

Huh? What does that mean?

It’s true! This fun activity of childhood can be awesome for adulthood as well.

Here are 3 benefits of coloring:

1️⃣ It improves focus.

2️⃣ It reduces stress and anxiety.

...3️⃣ It exercises the mind!

There are tons of adult coloring books out there now, so go grab yourself one or borrow your kids! Whatever you choose, try to only focus on the act of coloring.

Fall is here! Although it may be a bit more brisk outdoors than the warm summer months, you can still enjoy the outdoors!

Here are ways to get outdoors and enjoy the season! 🍁 🍂 🍁

🍁 Get exercise outdoors! Go for a walk or run or bike ride!

🍂 Enjoy a ...toasty fire.

🍁 Plant something!

Did you know that today is National Get Smart About Credit Day?

One aspect of overall wellness is your financial well-being. Learning about credit can help ease the burdens of debt before it drains you emotionally.

Here are 3 things you should do before opening a credit card:
1️⃣ Understand how to budget.

2️⃣ Open a bank account and track your spendings.

3️⃣ Set limits on credit card use.

Are you happy with your job?

It’s important for you to be happy with what you do each day so you feel fulfilled and that you’re making a difference in this world. By being happy with your line of work, you can also make a positive impact on the company and to others.

Here are ...some ways to make a positive impact at work:

1️⃣ Follow the Golden Rule and treat others with respect.
2️⃣ Get to know and understand your coworkers.
3️⃣ Show up for company events and be enthusiastic.
4️⃣ Offer help to others

Coping with loss isn’t easy, but it is essential to living a well-balanced life and for moving on. Although difficult to do at first, it can be done.

Here are some tips on how to cope with loss:

1. Remember the wonderful times you had with the person.
2. Don’t push your ...feelings aside. Acknowledge them and accept that it’s normal to feel this way.
3. Take care of yourself. Get some exercise.
4. Be patient with yourself.
5. Get help if needed.

Are there things that you've done wrong in your past that you just can’t seem to let go?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others?

Know that this is all okay, but there is a way to break the chains that bind you from past mistakes.

Here are a few steps to ...take to forgive yourself and let the past go:

✅ Acknowledge the mistake.

✅ Think of each mistake as a learning experience.

✅ Give yourself empathy.

Goals are what get you from point A to B. Goals help motivate you for success and achievement. It’s very important to have goals in life, but how do you set them?

Use the SMART goal-setting method:

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Achievable
R- Relevant
T- Time ...Sensitive

Is your mind always racing? Do you feel like you can never stop thinking about what you’re going to do now or what you’re going to do later or what you should have done?

If you’re feeling like this, you are not alone. Many people feel this way, but there is a solution with ...meditation.

Meditation can be as simple as quieting the mind and just breathing deep breaths or it can be as extreme as Kundalini.

Whatever works for you is the best type of meditation.