Join Now!   |  Login offers a simple way to setup custom wellness challenges. Challenges can be offered for teams and individuals based on competitive metrics or goal-setting. Participants track and report real-time progress and view their challenge standing on an anonymous leaderboard.

To get started, select:
  1. Cool challenge name 
  2. One, two or three metrics to track (each metric can have a unique weight) 
  3. A meaningful incentive 
  4. Team names (optional) 
  5. Start and end dates 
We will complete the challenge setup and send an invitation link to invite friends and coworkers. It’s that easy.

After accepting their invitation, users set up a personal hChoices account, and join your challenge. From the challenge dashboard, participants log their progress and can view their standing on the leaderboard. Participants can access their personal dashboard using any Internet ready device. Daily logging is recommended, but not necessary.

All user accounts are 100% confidential – and only the challenge administrator will be given the final results for the challenge participants. No other individual information is available to anyone else except the information relevant to the specific challenge.

Join our online wellness program designed to help you achieve Optimal Health. Our program enables you to track your numbers, participate in fun challenges and learn techniques to reach your health goals.


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