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    Option 1: Monitor Your Health

    1. Wellness Station allows you to monitor your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation Level, and Weight for FREE
    2. Taking your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
      1. Tips for Blood Pressure Monitoring 
        • Relax for about 5 minutes before measurement
        • Do not smoke or ingest caffeine at least 30 minutes prior to measurement
        • Remove constricting clothing and place cuff on bare arm
        • Unless your physician recommends otherwise, use your left arm to measure pressure
        • Do not talk during measurement
        • Do not cross your legs and keep your feet flat on floor during measurement
      2. Taking Your Blood Pressure
        • Stand or sit comfortably with your left arm resting on a flat surface so that the center of your upper arm is at the same height as your heart. 
        • Lay left arm on the table, palm up and thread cuff end through metal loop, smooth size against arm. Then position the tube off-center toward the inner side of arm in line with the little finger. 
        • Secure cuff around arm. The cuff should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to insert two fingers between the cuff and your arm. 
        • Confirm that the Index Mark points within the proper fit range. 
        • Press the START button. As the cuff pressurizes, measurement will begin and the Cuff Inflation Meter will show on the display screen. It is normal for the cuff to feel very tight. 
          1. Note: If an appropriate pressure is not obtained, the device automatically starts to inflate again. 
          2. Note: If you wish to stop inflation at any time, press the START button again. 
        • When the measurement is complete, the systolic and diastolic pressure readings and pulse rate are displayed. The cuff deflates and the monitor automatically shuts off after 60 seconds, or you can turn it off by pressing the START button. 
        •  Remove cuff and make note of your blood pressure and pulse rate 
    3. Taking your Blood Oxygen Level
      1. Press the black Power Button located on top of the Yellow Pulse Oximeter. 
      2. Place your pointer finger into the Pulse Oximeter
      3. Stand or sit comfortably while your SpO2 reading is generated
    4. Taking your Weight
      1. Remove scale from its holder and place scale on the floor
      2. Press grey start button, with your toe, and step on the scale
        • No need to get undressed or remove your shoes.  Just deduct a 3-5 pounds for clothing based on the season.
      3. Step off the scale and place it back into the Wellness Station holder

    Option 2: Monitor Your Health and Track Your Numbers 

    1. Login to your account
    2. Conduct health screening using the desired monitoring device (see option 1 for directions)
    3. Click the link for the health screening you would like to record
    4. Enter the data in the input boxes found near bottom of page
    5. Click the Submit button
      • Repeat steps 2-5 to track additional screening results

    Option 3: See Whats Happening: 

    • When the Wellness Station screen is not being used for educational programming it acts as a digital bulletin board for the host location.  Take a moment to read about current and upcoming events and learn more about your health.

    Option 4: Participate in an Educational Program: 

    1. Educational programming is available five days a week.  If you or a group would like to watch a program on the Wellness Station just have the site manager register for the program.  The program will automatically play on the screen at the specified broadcast time.  Click here to see the schedule.
    2. Remember: You can participate live in the educational programs  from any Internet ready device (smartphone, tablet, computer).  Just register and we will send you an email with a link to the program.  
      • Register at: 440-478-5640 |

    Join our online wellness program designed to help you achieve Optimal Health. Our program enables you to track your numbers, participate in fun challenges and learn techniques to reach your health goals.


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