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    Mahoning Valley Corporate Wellness Study

    hChoices, a Youngstown Business Incubator portfolio company, is conducting a Corporate Wellness Study, with independent analysis through the Office of Health Policy and Performance Improvement, to demonstrate the value of implementing a structured wellness program for your employees. All Mahoning Valley employers are invited to participate.

    Why Should You Care?

    • A healthier, happier workforce is good for business and for the economy
    • No matter the size of your business, promoting safe and healthy practices can increase profitability and productivity. (1)
    • Healthier populations contribute to a stronger local economy. The strongest connection between health and the economy is sustaining a healthier workforce. Healthier workers are more likely to show up for work, more productive when at work, are in better physical and mental health, and are more likely to better themselves through education and skills training. (2)

    Reasons to Participate

    • Your employees are your greatest asset and directly impact your profitability
    • Adults today (your employees) have MORE health issues
      • 92M Heart Disease | 30M Diabetes | 84M Obese (CDC, 2016)
    • Impact of an unhealthy workforce is astounding
      • Obese workers: 2x Claims | 7x Cost | 13x Missed Days (Nat. Council of Comp. Insurers, 2012)
      • 1+ chronic issue: 147% h litigation rates | 123% h surgery rates (Harbor Health Systems, 2016)
      • Premiums are nearing $20,000 for family coverage (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2018)

    How It Works

    • Subscribe to participate in the Corporate Wellness Study
      • Includes health screenings, health risk assessments, corporate challenges, educational programming, employee communication/engagement plan, and a secure, wellness website w/real time reporting
    • Cost: Save 40% on a traditional wellness program! Pay only $2.50/FTE Equivalent/mo. for the full program or only $1.25/FTE Equivalent/mo. to supplement an existing program
      • Health Screening prices vary by location (onsite, in a lab, physicians office)
      • OH BWC Workplace Wellness Grants may be an option for your company

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Comprehensive wellness program ROI - 3:1 (International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans)
    • Effective wellness programs realized significant cost reductions and financial gains, including
      an average of 28% reduction in sick days, 26% reduction in health costs, 30% reduction in workers’ compensation claims (Institute for Healthcare Consumerism)
    • For every $1 invested in wellness, employers could expect to save approximately $3 in
      absenteeism costs (Harvard)

    Resources for Mahoning Valley Employers

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    Join our online wellness program designed to help you achieve Optimal Health. Our program enables you to track your numbers, participate in fun challenges and learn techniques to reach your health goals.


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