About Us
hChoices was founded to promote optimal wellness through technology, education and social engagement. The hChoices platform features a HIPAA compliant gateway that enables individuals to monitor and securely track their heath numbers, join wellness challenges, and participate in live and onDemand programming from any Internet ready device (i.e. computer, tablet, smartphone) or traditional telephone.  

The hChoices program is being offered in both the community and corporate environment.  hChoices provides the community access to cutting edge technology, educational programming and tools necessary to achieve/maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately over 92% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two. Four chronic diseases—heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes—cause almost two-thirds of all deaths each year and chronic diseases account for 75% of the money our nation spends on health care. The hChoices community wellness program is free for all community members because of the ongoing support of generous local sponsors.  

Corporations are partnering with hChoices to control their skyrocketing insurance premiums.  From 2003-2013 the average annual health insurance premiums for employers increased over 80% and worker contribution increased 89% for family coverage.  hChoices can engage and motivate employees, regardless of age, education level, or location.  Delivering the right intervention at the right time can correct their health trajectory and move them toward maintaining optimal health. This drastically reduces expenditures by preventing costly acute care interventions before they occur and makes employees healthier, happier, and more productive.

Let us help you Engage, Educate and Empower your most valuable resource: your people.